The free-standing urinal stand is designed for use at events. For transportation, the top is easy to remove and the urinal base fit neatly into a toilet cubicle. Save transport costs.

The service can be done from the front or back. Upon request, the urinal is also available with a screwed outlet, which allows a connection to the sewer. Easy to clean, easy handling, ease of maintenance and plenty of space for your advertising are just some of the advantages.

This is perfect to combat open urination at public places events, bus stops, construction sites,


  • Removable top
  • Suction cleaning from front or back
  • Single arrangeable or in group
  • Translucent roof
  • Transport efficient
  • Provides user privacy
  • Single arrangement or in group
  • Free-standing urinal stand


Height 2020mm

Width: 800mm

Depth: 600mm

Weight: 28kg

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions600 × 800 × 2020 mm
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