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The A- GLO LUXURY RESTROOM / SHOWER- ROOM come in different compartments, we can also customize to suit your need. We have the entry level, which is compact in size, well suited for short-term use at events or where space is limited.

We have the high-end luxury level units which offer superb space, privacy and comforts for all users. With entertainment system, Tv, Wi-Fi enabled. Perfect if you want extravagance for your guests.

Construction units which is perfect for short term and long-term construction sites.

Each lady and gents compartment are fitted with a ceramic toilet bowls and hand wash basin whilst the male cubicle also features a waterless urinal.

For guaranteed quality all our units are made with high end sandwich panels, which we can customize with a vinyl wrap of your choice. If you have specific requirements, alternative interior fittings are available.


  • Wall mounted ceramic Toilets Bowls
  • Waterless Urinals
  • Lighting
  • Industrial flooring
  • Cold water, hot water optional
  • Flushing valves
  • Premium interior
  • Separate service bay
  • Customized layouts possible
  • TV
  • Music System


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