For best pricing of rental of all events and construction toilets, this is based on the following factors: Location of Events Type of Toilets Needed, Number of Days, Type of Events and Start/End Time of events.

No, all payments is paid into the company accounts

Kindly call our customer service assistant for the price on 08029660956

All of our events units’ rentals must be prepaid before delivery unless otherwise stated from the time of enquiry.

All long-term rentals, especially construction sites, are billed as a 28days period. Full payments paid in advance before delivery.

At the start of a new billing cycle which is the 28th day of the month, an invoice shall be emailed, and full payments must be paid upfront. An exception shall only be during the time of enquiry.

Our customer service assistant will assist in choosing the best toilets and for the quantity kindly make use of our Mobile toilets Calculator.

Our promise is to provide clean and fresh toilets at all times, therefore we ensure that our well trained mobile toilets staff are available, the toilets are emptied promptly when needed. We also make use of the best odour control and disinfectant.

Depending on the type of toilets provided, our connector toilets are connected to the water source or septic tank. The Luxury is in 2-in-1, this can be connected to the septic and also has a built-in waste tank that can accommodates over 600+ users.

Yes, this is powered by a generator, this is provided by us. We do not connect to the client generator.

If renting, all our units have an air-conditioning system if purchasing we can build to your specification.

You can place the standard toilets on a hard-stable ground, where our service truck can easily empty the toilets.

For long term rentals, if you requested that the toilets should be placed on a muddy ground, the weather may not allow us to move out the toilets. If this happened, no invoice credits will be given, and no service shall be done until the following week

52 isheri road near FRSC Ojodu Lagos

Integrity is part our core value, we have being an internet ordering company since inception and we have not faulted customer on our promise.

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