A-MOBILE TOILETS LIMITED is a One-Stop-Shop for all Sanitation and Hygiene Needs. It was founded in 2007 to meet the urgent needs of proper sanitation and hygiene in Africa as a whole.

We have become known for innovation, quality and integrity We see our employee as our crucial asset to the growth of our business; therefore we develop their entrepreneurial skills.

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Mission, Vision

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Our Core Values


We are committed to providing mobile and innovative products with an environmental impact that will create a healthy living and working environment for all.


To be the leading catalyst in hygiene and sanitation industry in Africa.


C  –  Clean
L  –  Liberal
E  –  Excellence
A  –  Able
N  –   Neat
S  –   Safety

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Matchless Service

We offer a full line of state-of-the-art mobile toilets designed with basic and luxury amenities. Our products line will create a clean and safe experience for all your guests and customers.

You can choose from our selection of products which are VVIP, and VIP Luxury Ac Toilets, Standard portable toilets, Handwash stations, Freestanding Urinals, Waste bins.

We provide uniformed, trained janitors and delivery drivers who are respectful, professionals and dedicated.

Outsourcing all your sanitation and hygiene needs to us will give you peace of mind and ensure professionalism is at the optimum.

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Outdoor Events

Every event needs proper planning, placing rental of toilets as the last item at any event is big ‘NO’ especially if you want to create an experience for your guests, staff and customers.

A-mobile Toilets is not just a ‘toilet’, but it is a lifesaver at any public places and events. Providing a toilet for your outdoor event is not just enough but ensuring the proper and right quantity of toilets are available.

Our customer service assistants are always on the phone 24hours to assist you in choosing the right type of toilets from elderly toilets to kids’ toilet. Suppose you need comfort that is closer to your home amenities with luxury features. Then the restrooms with air-conditioning, entertainment system, Wi-Fi etc. with a dedicated uniform attendant and generator.

There are no outdoor events that are too small or big; every event handled professionally, following all states, federal and international standard.

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Construction Sites

There is nothing as great to see lovely construction sites free from defecation. The result will be a cleaner environment; it also reduces the number of days for workers on-site to call sick. We provide options for handwash stations, budget toilets for clients that are on slim budgets, luxury toilets for upscale clients, flushing toilets with inbuilt sink for those that need a compact unit.

Every project is important to us, and we ensure professionalism to the core and following all health and safety rules on the sites.

We are here to provide vandal-proof toilets for both sales and rental. Discounted rates for longer projects are available for rent, with options to have trained cleaners every day throughout the rental period with appropriate personal protective equipment.

Our vacuum trucks are available throughout the project, to ensure that proper waste management is followed and discarded at the approved States and Federal treatments plants.

Our successful formula is simple; you call us and we are there. We pride ourselves on a non-automated approach to our customer.  No matter the size of your next special event, construction project, party or wedding we have you covered. Call us now



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