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Who we are


Our story began in 2007, at the famous and ever-busy area called Kano Street situated in Ebute Metta, Lagos State, Nigeria; cleaning the street of Bornu Way and providing mobile toilets in that locality for rental.

The company was to establish to meet the urgent needs of Sanitation, Hygiene and poverty level, in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Today we are privilege to connect with several customers all over Nigeria and Africa, providing proper sanitation facilities, hygiene services and using this to reduce the unemployment in our Nation and Africa.


…the One-Stop-Sanitation and Hygiene Company
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What We Offer

Our Services

Our services are unique, comfortable, luxurious, low prices, high quality, and hygienic. All our products are for Sale and Hire, and we can deliver promptly anywhere in Nigeria or neighbouring countries.

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We cater to all your sanitary needs

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Our products and services are customizable using technology to meet a wide variety of sanitation and hygiene needs, without visiting our office

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Dream Big

Inspiring Solutions

We are committed to providing mobile and innovative products
with an environmental the impact that will create a healthy living
and working environment for all.
Becoming the leading mobile environmental solutions provider
in Africa by providing solutions that meet and exceeds customer

Damilola Oloruntade
COO & Founder
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What Clients Say

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For Business: For Business, inquiry fills our feedback form and Toll-Free
Number –(+234) 8029660956, our team help you within 24 hours.

Over 10+ years of experiences, giving you best sanitary services and products

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